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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Are Free Mp3 Music Download Programs - FREE
Before you use one of those free mp3 music download programs you may want to compare them with the legal file-sharing programs to help you make a decision. There are many free mp3 music download software programs available to download free music online. It seems like there are new "Ares download, free music download web sites" entering the Web everyday. Getting a free KaZaA music download is all I here my students talk about in class. Asking each other where to download free mp3 music or download and burn free music. They talk about sites to find Inuyasha music downloads, Final Fantasy music downloads, even cell phone music downloads.

Are free mp3 music download programs...FREE?

It all depends on what you want. Some offer Pro versions which have no ads or pop-ups. But do be cautious with most of the free music download software, they will have adware, spyware and pop-ups.
  • KaZaA music download-KaZa Lite music download
  • Limewire music download
  • Ares music download
  • Shareaza music download
  • WinMX music download
  • Imesh music download
  • Free Grokster Download
  • Poisoned
These programs are free... but they have some problems. Basically, the difference between free file-sharing programs and file-sharing programs that you pay for is as follows. With the pay programs such as Mp3 Advance, MP3 Music Subscription and DownloadShield, you get technical support, no pop ups, no adware or spyware, most offer privacy protection, and your money back if you're not happy with the program.

With the totally free music download programs, unless you buy their Pro version, which some of them are more expensive than the pay programs mentioned above, you're pretty much on your own along with the ads and pop ups and don't forget the spyware. It's your choice.

John Rivers has been involved with music for over 30 years as a student, performer and teacher. His site helps individuals to find safe and legal Music and Movie download sites. Subscribe to "NetMusic News" and receive Free music downloads each month.

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