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Friday, December 23, 2005
iPod Nano Snoopy Edition
A gift for your beloved daugther.. Ipod Nano Snoopy Edition. I love Snoopy. Always have, always will. That’s why the new special edition Snoopy iPod Nano bundle from Japanese company Runa seems like such a good idea. It comes with a whole bunch of accessories just perfect for Snoopy lovers.

To start with it has 3 interchangeable faceplates in three different colors. All of them have Snoopy and his good buddy Woodstock on them. If that’s not enough, there is an image of Snoopy and Woodstock engraved right onto the Nano. There’s a special lanyard so that Snoopy can hang close to your heart. All of it comes in a special Snoopy box.

The iPod itself is a standard Nano with a 2GB capacity, so all the technical specs are what you would expect. No other memory capacities will be available. The bundle can be had in Japan for about $285. You’d better hurry, though. Only 1,000 bundles are available.
posted by NaxeruL @ 11:15 PM   0 comments's 'Best Tech Gifts of 2005' includes Apple iPod, Pod nano
MacDailyNew:'s Cody Willard has penned an article called, "The Best Tech Gifts of 2005." Willard recommends Apple's iPod and iPod nano among his choices.

Willard writes, "Known simply as the 'iPod,' this little gadget from Apple already has shaken up all of Hollywood and is just getting started in making its impact on the world. That tiny little screen is remarkably comfortable to watch. And the storage capacity of this thing? Load it up with all the movies, TV shows and songs you own and/or buy from iTunes (or download from piracy networks) and I'll bet you can't fill it up by year's end. Go ahead, give it your best shot. It'll cost you $299 for the 30GB or $399 for the 60GB." Read More...
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MP3 Players May Damage Hearing
KBCI 2 Boise, Idaho: "The portability of MP3 players has made music a part of every everyday activity, but some may be listening at volume levels that damage hearing. With the help of clinical audiologist Matt Murphy, Local 2 News went to Gold's Gym to measure decibel output of different MP3 players. We found the majority of people listening at volumes between 100-105 decibels, which will damage hearing with repeated exposure." Read More....
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Samsung SCH-A950 Cell Phone: An MP3 Player as Well
Written by Gundeep Hora
Manufacturer: Samsung : (First Look) - Want a MP3 player and a phone, but aren’t willing to carry both at the same time? If that’s something you might be interested in, Samsung may just have the answer. Samsung has been updating its cell phone product line with impressive launches recently. One of the recent ones was a desirable competitor to Motorola’s RAZR, which is the thinnest cell phone of its kind. According to Samsung, the A900 can beat the RAZR with a similarly stylish design and quality, but that remains to be seen. In another launch, Samsung has introduced a Verizon exclusive A950 cell phone with MP3 player capabilities. In other words, think of the A950 as the hybrid cell phone and MP3 player.

The Samsung A950 cell phone has a vibrant exterior (color: red) with the camera lens and the MP3 player controls situated in the front. Also in the center is the vivacious screen (176x220 resolution, 262K TFT display) with signal strength, battery lifespan, time, date and a host of other information available at a quick glance.

The A950 features a 1.3 megapixel camera, a TransFlash memory card slot, an integrated Bluetooth wireless functionality and other standard features. According to Samsung, the phone weighs approximately 4.55 oz, has two dual band modes (1900/800 MHz digital) and is based on the CDMA wireless protocol. Although the continuous digital talk time is 3.27 hours, Samsung claims the standby time to be 170 hours.

Samsung did not reveal further details on the integrated MP3 player feature.

The SCH-A950 is currently in limited supply and is only available from the official Verizon store for $199.99.

Initial Thoughts: Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the A950 is the integrated MP3 player capability. With that said, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily replace the phone with your dedicated MP3 player because after all, a phone is just that, a phone. It isn’t meant to replace your MP3 player, but the functionality is mainly there for unexpected boredom. We don’t expect the quality on the phone to be as good as any decent MP3 player simply because the hybridization of such devices hasn’t matured enough. It’s an interesting device nonetheless. Samsung has picked a rather vibrant color, which is something unique to the electronics giant. Majority of the specifications are in line with the standard market expectation and demand, but the talk time doesn’t appear to be on par if you are someone who prefers to talk for long hours on a cell phone. The price is actually pretty decent, and considering it’ll drop once the A950 becomes mainstream, we don’t have very many comments in regards to the price. As always, if Samsung can deliver on its performance (voice quality), this could very well be a favorable device for gadgeteers.
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