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Sunday, September 23, 2007
iPod nano 2nd Generation 2GB MP3 Player - Silver
PC World : With its anodized aluminum enclosure and rounded edges, iPod nano looks asdazzling as it feels. And it's sleeker than ever — 3.5 inches tall,1.6inches wide, and just over quarter of an inch thin. Carry your favorite musiceverywhere — plus podcasts, audiobooks, photos, contacts, calendar, andfiles. Your album art, photos, and more gain even more brilliance thanks to a1.5-inch color display that's 40% brighter than before. Play your music evenlonger between charges — up to a full day. And recharge your iPod to 80%capacity in just 90 minutes.

Manufacturer's Specs:

Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Components
  • Carrying Case
  • Headphones
  • Software - CD Ripper
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
Batteries Included
Dimensions :
  • Depth 0.26 in
  • Weight 1.41 oz
  • Width 1.6 in
  • Height 3.5 in
Battery Average Playback Time 24 hour(s)
Power Source Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
System Connectivity - USB
Audio Output Connectors Audio - Headphone Out (1/8" Mini)
Total Included Memory 2 GB
Storage Media Supported - Internal Flash Drive
System Compatibility
  • Macintosh
  • PC
Additional Features
  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • Equalizer
  • Photo Viewer
  • Stopwatch
General Features
  • Alarm
  • CD Ripping/Encoding
  • Internet Support
  • Sleep Timer
  • Upgradable Firmware
Display Type Color LCD
Playback Features
  • Repeat Mode
  • Resume Play
  • Shuffle Play Mode
Audio Codecs Supported
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • MP3
  • WAV
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Friday, July 13, 2007
MP3 concept: Proud would Yoda be
Why is it that the best designs almost always seem to be just concepts? Oh right, they don't have to work. Still, that won't stop us from admiring this lighted, cylindrical MP3 player, which looks more like a Lightsaber than a music gadget. (There's no reason, of course, it can't be both.)

Yoda references notwithstanding, the "Musipen" envisions other interesting features, such as navigation by twisting knobs on either end to display information on a wrap-around screen, according to Tech Digest. This last idea might actually be possible soon enough with new technology like Sony's flexible screens. But we think the name has to go--it sounds too much like mucous or Metamucil, neither of which seems conducive to a marketing moonshot.

One more suggestion. With a player that looks so much like a microphone, wouldn't it make sense to add a karaoke feature as well? Hey, it's a only concept design--we can make up stuff as well as anybody.

Picture (Credit: Anything But iPod)
Credit to Crave.cnet
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Saturday, July 07, 2007
The Apple Iphone - Why?
In January of 2007, Apple announced that it was entering into the portable phone market with the development and launch of the iPhone. Scheduled for release in June of 2007, the Apple iPhone will be able to play music like an iPod, surf and browse the web, take pictures, showcase videos, send text messages and emails, and, maybe, make or take a phone call or two.

For every new cell phone or cell phone company that introduces itself to the market, proclaiming that their particular model of cell phone can, say, play music, there are dozens of other names and brands, some popular, some not, that can do exactly the same thing. What's the catch? What's the hook? Where's the innovative technological design that's supposed to make the public stand up and take notice?

Now, the Apple iPhone does have complete virtual touch-screen. There are no raised buttons to press and push, and everything is operated with the sense of a finger. Now, that actually is a cool feature, but, it might not be completely practical. Why? Simply because when I look at my hands, I see chubby fingers that are not going to be able to accurately press any button on a small touch screen. Now, unless that screen is 6" across, which, if that were the case, might defeat the entire mobility purpose of the phone.

Why does Apple feel the need to develop and create their own portable phone? Could it be that they really want to revolutionize portable communication? Do they want to make the world a better place? Can they offer something that no one else can?

Look at it this way: why does Lindsay Lohan think she could sing?

Because it's another revenue stream to be mined, that's why? Now, there's no doubt that the iPhone is cool, and will find a popular and receptive audience. But, like Lohan's singing attempts, it doesn't really improve the world and the world wouldn't notice it if it weren't around. It's just there, and it will make money. Partially because of its features, partially because of curiosity seekers, and partially because of people loyal to the brand name.

No one is begrudging Apple for getting in on the portability craze. After all, Apple may have taken that craze to incredible heights with the development and release of the iPod. So, it makes sense, then, to fuse the iPod with a cellular phone. But, it's already been done before.

Maybe the real issue is that if Apple released a phone without web, email, video player and other bells and whistles, that it simply wouldn't sell and just sit there on the shelves. If Lindsay Lohan had to sing on her own merits, she might be joining that lonely phone. But, add some studio effects, create some stylish videos and surround her with talented musicians, and she becomes passable and tolerable.

In today's ultra-connected world, it seems that no one will buy a cell phone for the expressed purpose of having a phone with you while on the go. You need to have everything or your will appear to be nothing.

About the Author:
Jordan Dawson is a pop-culture and technology expert. Millennium3000 has refurbished electronics, like the iPod Nano or the Sony PSP
Article Source:
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Early Info On The Apple iPhone

Apple Computers (Now Apple Inc.) has recovered from years of corporate doldrums through the introduction of an innovative line of computers but more importantly, through the phenomenal success of the iPod. Apple more or less created the market for personal digital MP3 players and has sold millions of units, along with millions of songs through their online music store.

Now the video world is coming into the handheld market - virtually every cell phone has a screen of some sort and the recent iPods have video screens as well. Apple's most recent product introduction is the much-hyped iPhone, which combines the functions of a cell phone, a "wide screen" iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications device.

Apple has chosen to make an exclusive deal with Cingular, the AT&T cell phone network. Your only source for an iPhone will be through Cingular, along with a Cingular cellular service contract. They plan to make the product available in June. Back in the digital dark ages, Apple made the choice to keep their computer operating system in house, while Microsoft moved beyond IBM and licensed to any computer manufacturer who wanted it. It was the most important misstep that Apple has ever made, and is the reason that they will probably never extend beyond ten to twelve percent of the computer market. It will be interesting to see what happens when iPhone clones begin to appear in Verizon and other cell operator outlets.

The 4GB iPhone model will cost $499 with a two-year contract and $599 for the 8GB version (also with a two-year contract). Those are expensive phones, but Apple is in a unique position in that it has a dedicated core of iPod fans that may become Cingular converts. The iPhone's design is cutting edge: it has done away with keypads and with the exception of a "home" button the controls are operated on a 3.5 inch square touch screen.

According to early reviews the videos and photos look great. One giant touch screen controls the phone, the picture component and the videos - no stylus needed. For text messaging, there will be an onscreen keyboard - again controlled by touch.

Apple's iTunes store has gone into the video business, most recently negotiating a distribution contract with Paramount. Videos are downloaded onto the iPhone the same way that music is: through a wired connection to your computer. Apple's decision to push the viability of the iPhone as a video viewing device raises a couple of questions. The first is how satisfactory watching a movie on a three and a half inch screen will be, and the second is whether or not 8GB is enough to manage a library of music and video content. The current largest video iPod model has 60GB of space, in comparison.

For Internet and video functionality, the iPhone runs on the most recent Mac operating system. It has a 2 megapixel camera and promises support for Google maps, conference calling, and text and multimedia messaging. In short, all the features are included that young people use their phones for today, along with increasing numbers of traveling execs. The iPhone has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and includes both email software and a browser.

If you judge by the hype, Apple is betting big on the iPhone. It's worth noting, however, that Steve Jobs is pretty good at hyping every new Apple product. But the integration of telecommunications, video, and full blown Internet interconnectivity into the revered iPod is a major step - and the cell service completes an impressive multimedia package. It should be interesting.

About the Author:

Madison Lockwood is a customer relations associate, specializing in small business development, for Apollo Hosting. Apollo Hosting provides website hosting, ecommerce hosting, vps hosting, and web design services to a wide range of customers.
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Why Does The Apple Ipod Dominate the MP3 Player Market?
In the realm of MP3 players, Apple (producer of Macintosh computers and related technology) is the definite dominator when it comes to having the most highly-purchased products among the other manufacturers. One of the main reasons for this – simple as it may seem – is basically out of customer loyalty to the originator of this portable audio device. It was the first of its kind on the market and still remains today, the brand of choice. Apple actually released the iPod in 2001 as a portable audio device that was strictly compatible with Macintosh technology.

Working in unison with Apple’s iTunes, Mac users were able to create, maintain and utilize countless numbers of sound files in their music and audio libraries. However, due the growing popularity among its customers, many Windows users were feeling left out and wanted to be able to take advantage of this great new way of listening to and downloading music and other audio as well. So, in 2002, Apple produced a new form of iPod that was compatible with both Macintosh and Windows interfaces. And later in 2003, they gave the Window’s world a compatible version of iTunes as well. This made the audio playing and storing consumer market very happy.

Then eventually, other companies like Sony and Samsung began producing MP3 players as well but have never reached the level of success that Apple has with their iPods. And moreover, it doesn’t look like those competitors ever will. Statistics show that Apple and their iPod actually dominate the MP3 player market with a 70% selling advantage over other manufacturers of these types of portable MP3 audio devices. And when it comes to hard-drive based MP3 players, they’ve got a whopping 90% lead over the competition.

The main reasons consumers complain about the non-Apple brands of MP3 players is that not only are the competitor versions too expensive, but they are strongly lacking in form. They just don’t have the ease of operation in terms of user-interfacing and also don’t include a lot of the convenient and ‘cool’ features that the Apple iPod does either. Generally speaking, the iPod emphatically outperforms the other manufacture’s brands of portable audio devices by a mile (or more). And with the addition of Intel into the Apple product line as a whole, the iPod is only going to continue to be improved upon causing it not only to remain the favorite, but also further expand its appeal throughout the music-loving universe.

Gray Rollins is a featured writer for - a site where you can get ipod hacks and wholesale ipods. Also, be sure to take a look at the Salehoo Wholesale Directory for more great deals on MP3 players.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006
PC World - MySpace Offers Music Downloads
PC World - MySpace Offers Music Downloads: " is launching a new music download service that emphasizes music from independent artists, the latest in a string of services announced in recent weeks that hope to topple iTunes from its crown.

Some of the services, such as one backed by Universal Music Group, are even offering music for free, backed by advertising services. But analysts say they'll have trouble toppling Apple Computer's iTunes, which has staked out a solid position in what's becoming a crowded music download market.

'Ultimately it's a volume business, and the market isn't large enough to sustain 20 different services,' said Jonathan Arber, research analyst for Ovum in London.

The service from, which is in beta, lets users sell their own songs through their personalized MySpace home pages. The company has partnered with Snocap, a company founded by Napster founder Shawn Fanning, for some of the technology behind the service."
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
iPod Shuffle vs Sandisk MP3
Sandisk gives Apple the shuffle!. (Read More)
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