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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
MP3 vs iPod
Which is best for your needs? : Typically the hot item for the holidays only lasts for one season, but one of this year's must-have items is in its second year running: iPods and MP3 players.

They are both portable music playing devices, but why the significant cost difference? When it comes to iPods and MP3 players, most people don't know the difference. But Candace Moon of Circuit City says what you may not realize is they are one in the same.

"An iPod is an MP3 player but instead of using the traditional MP3 format, they do use AAC which is more highly compressed file," says Moon. "I think a lot of people are coming in now for either the video capacity with the bigger iPods or the sheer size of the smaller iPod Nano."

So why is the iPod such a hot seller this season?

"When it comes to the difference between an iPod and the regular MP3 players, iPods are feature-rich," says Moon. Some of the higher-end iPods play movies and TV shows. "When it comes to music, you can do playlist, albums, songs," says Moon.

A basic MP3 player with six gigabytes can hold 3000 songs. But an iPod with 60 gigabytes can hold up to 15,000 songs. But if you're not trying to store a lot of music or watch videos, Moon says the MP3 player is a good choice.

"A lot of people who are heavy into exercise choose these because they're small and they do have flash memory so they don't skip," says Moon. The features aren't the only big difference.? iPods will have you digging a little deeper in your wallet than a basic MP3 player. MP3 players can range from about $60 up to $250. iPods can range from $99 up to $400. You have to use iPods and MP3's with a computer to download everything and both come with their own software with free upgrades.

"Some people don't like the rechargeable battery.? They'd rather have the disposable battery.? These do have disposable batteries; All the iPods have a rechargeable battery," says Moon.

So what's a bigger bang for your buck? Moon says it all boils down to how many features you want. "The biggest thing you have to take in consideration is how many songs you want to put on it," says Moon. Moon says here's one other thing to keep in mind. A lot of MP3 players are specific to Windows operating systems and your basic MP3 players are compatible with many versions of Windows. But when it comes to iPods, they are only compatible with Mac, Windows XP and Windows 2000.
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